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Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Moment of Training8/22/09

Teaching children how to communicate is something that is not isolated to one household or one personality type! We have found wisdom in training our children in proper skills for communication. Here are two fun ideas we have used in our home throughout the years. Each idea was originally shared with us by precious friends and Sisters in Christ.

Here's an idea to teach children to keep an coversation going.

Teach children that when someone talks to them to pretend that what they are really wanting to do is play ball. If they only give one word answers then they are holding onto the ball. To demonstate this concept, get a ball and have the children sit on the floor. The person holding the ball is allowed to speak. You can't throw the ball unless you say something more than one word.

For example:

Bekah has ball and while tossing it to Elisha says: "Hi! My name is Bekah what's your's?"
Elisha now has the ball. He replies, "Elisha Wood, it's nice to meet you" (now he can throw it back to her)
Bekah then says: "Do you come to these dances often?" (she throws the ball back to Elisha)
Elisha has the ball and says: "Yes, we have come to a few. How about you?"

This may sound easy but for children who are use to giving short answers this takes some training. We have fun with this game and it is a good visual for them to remember when we are out in public.

What about those children that have LOTS to say. How do you keep them focused on caring about others and giving others an opportunity to share? Many years ago a friend shared this idea with me. Before you are allowed to talk about yourself you must ask the other person three questions of interst about themselves.

For example:

Bekah: "Hi Elisha! Do you enjoy art?" (question 1)
Elisha: "Yes, art is a favorite of mine."
Bekah: "Really? Who is your favorite artist?"
Elisha: "That would be hard for me to say. I enjoy several different artists"
Bekah: "I love to travel and see the vareity of artists displayed across the country. Have you been out of state?" (question 2)
Elisha: "Yes. I have visted several states"
Bekah: "Really, which ones?"
Elisha: "I use to live in CA so I visted each state that we crossed to get to KS. I am also taking a trip with my grandparents to Wash. D.C. next Spring."
Bekah: "WOW! I would love to go to Wash. D.C."
Bekah: "I really enjoyed my trip to TX. I took a tour and learned a great deal about John F. Kenndy and L.B.J. Do you enjoy studing government?" (question3)
Elisha: "I find some of it interesting."

After this point Bekah is now able to talk about whatever interest she has. She has asked her three questions. It use to make Joe and I giggle when we watched our oldest boy, Jed, talk with others. You could see on his face when he had reached his third question and he could finally tell them something that was so exciting to him.

I hope this has helped give you some ideas for your own family. I would love to hear how the Lord leads you so please feel free to share!

Have a wonderful weekend friends!
Mrs. Joseph Wood


  1. My children are 4 and 6 - should they both be capable of doing this? My 6 year old is boy and quieter - so this is an excellent idea of an exercise I can do with him (anything with a ball makes him happy!) my daughter is SUPER chatty (like her mommy :-)) but I can't see her "mature" enough to think this way to make this kind of conversation. Could your 4 year olds do this? Maybe the maturity will come with training and is not developmental? So my question is - at what age do you train this?


  2. Hi Courtney!

    Training moments can be altered to meet the developmental needs of our children. I would encourage you to simplify the three questions on interest to just three questions. For example, you can say: "Sweet girl, before you share all your exciting news with others ask them about things that might be exciting to them first. You have to ask them three things before you can talk okay? Let's try it!" Then list a friend you are familiar with and give her ideas on what she could ask her friend. Perhaps her friend has been sick or her friend had a birthday or her friend has a pet. Practice this at home with her and then reward her with smiles when you see she remembers it when out visiting! You'll be surprised how fast she catches on! It always feel good to put others first!

  3. Alright - we will work on this! Thanks!

  4. Interesting! I will have to give it some more thought and plan a time to begin this training. I've thought about it but could not figure out how to go about it. Thanks for this wonderful advice.

    I hope your weekend was great!

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    Have a wonderful day!