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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Back to the Fire...

Our family has lived off the grid for many years of our marriage. We've cooked over fire, lived without refrigeration, washed our clothes in a creek, used outhouses, lived in a tent while we built a cabin, and all the other lifestyle tasks that come from living in such a setting. Since we moved to KS we've enjoyed the simple farm life we love with the ease of modern conveniences. I don't think any of us think of it as "better" it's just different.

Within the last few months all of my kitchen appliances have 'died'.

  • First it was a mouse that ate the wires to the dishwasher. That's fine we'll just wash dishes by hand.
  • After that I noticed the garbage disposal was leaking. I was delighted to find one at a yard sale. Joe went to all the trouble to hook it up for me only to discover it leaked also! We decided a bucket underneath it would work just fine for now.
  • Then we had the refrigerator start to leak. Again, no biggie! We'll just disconnect the ice maker and water function.
  • After that it was the stove which we replaced with a look alike from craigslist. It wasn't in the house 24 hours when someone cracked the glass top when a spice jar fell from the cabinet above.
  • Then we had the microwave that decided to just go asleep and never wake up. No problem, I didn't use it for much except heating water from time to time.
  • The coffee pot also decided to 'die' on me. Maybe that was for my own good I thought.
  • Then a few days ago one of the children tripped and in an attempt to catch themselves slammed their hand right through the top of the glass stove top.. AGAIN! He was okay, just a couple of cuts on two fingers but nothing serious. (Thank the Lord!)

So, that makes it official ALL of my kitchen appliances have 'died'! I could be upset, grumble, and complain or I could just embrace it with a smile and bring back some memories of 'yesterday' for my family. I choose to do the later.

Last night we cooked some pasture raised chicken from Azure (Item number: MP003) over the fire pit in the back yard. We had two fires going and the children had a fun competition on who could cook up the best tasting dish. Mashed potatoes were also made over the fire using Organic Russet Potatoes (Item number: QP140) This morning we made a breakfast dish that was inspired by a like minded friend Wardeh, also an Azure Standard customer. You can visit her at: GNOWFGLINS

Let me share with you the ingredients and then the 'how to' pictures. Enjoy!

Ingredients: (all can be purchased at Azure Standard)
5 lb bag of organic russet potatoes, sliced (QP140)

1 yellow onion, chopped (QP018)

1 package of sweet peppers (QP306)

1/2 cup of Salsa (CO043)

Real Salt to taste (BP064)

Organic Pepper to taste (HS435)

1 dozen Farm Fresh eggs (DP087)

2 cups of Raw Organic Cheese (CH095)

1/4 cup of Coconut Oil (OL095)

Prepare your fire safely and wait for it to 'settle' (no longer just getting started, not roaring, but burning consistently). This fire is still not quite ready. We waited for it to 'settle' but forgot to take a picture of that.

In a cast iron pan put your coconut oil and sliced potatoes together and cook till tender. Then add your onions, sweet peppers and cook for a few minutes. 


In a bowl crack your eggs and beat together, add in your salsa, salt, pepper, and finally the cheese

Pour egg mixture over your veggies in the cast iron pan and let cook covered for about 15-20 minutes (it will depend on your fire) cook until egg is done. Tip: I use a round pizza stone to cover my cast iron pan. This way I don't need to pull out my dutch oven. Also note, that if you're fire is too hot you'll burn the bottom before you ever cook the top of the dish. So make sure your fire is not dying or just been stocked with hot burning wood.





The finished product:




Cooking over fire really isn't that difficult, especially when we do it with a smile! It can be a lot of fun and create some fun family memories. You may want to try it even if all your appliances are still working. Now, just for the record, I did suggest to my husband that now might be a good time for that kitchen remodel we've been talking about. :-)


Until our next chat,
Mrs. Joseph Wood


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