Titus 2:3 The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things; that they may teach the younger women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, to be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the Word of God be not blasphemed.

Monday, September 6, 2010

A Moment with M.O.M.- Life as a wife?

IMG_4111 What’s it mean to you to be a wife? Is it the same idea that you had as a six year old, a 16year old, at your engagement, at your 1st week of marriage, 1st year of marriage, 10th year of marriage, 25th year of marriage?  Probably not!

When I was a little girl, I never dreamed that I would spend more nights sleeping alone than with my husband. I never would have guessed that I would be the mother to ten children… and counting. That I would be living on a farm trying to raise and grow our own food, that my husband would actually be a better friend than anyone I had known before. I had never put life as a wife together with life as a missionary, servant, and royalty… yet it is all these things! My husband and children have given me more honor than I could have gained in the corporate world. My husband and children have required more faithful, selfless sacrifice from me than any other mission field I could have ever gone too. I have served my husband and children more than anything I could ever think possible for myself. My life as a wife is a tangible example of God being made strong in our weakness!!

Too often, the romantic notions of childhood are what lead us to heartache as adults. We have unrealistic expectations for our spouses, children, holidays and more! We would be wise as mommas to give our girls a realistic, biblical image of marriage. While there is an abundance of great resources I could refer you too there is no need for curriculum or books regarding this training of your girls. They will learn the most by what they see you live!

What does your life look like as a wife? Is it one that matches the examples laid out in the Scriptures? Where does it lack? Improve on those areas! Talk to your girls about how you are striving to glorify God as a wife and mother. Ask for prayer. Together, think of ways to minister to the man that God has fashioned you to be a wife too! Bring your girls alongside you to serve your husband instead of waiting for him to serve you! AND FOR HEAVENS SAKE… put off the notion that someone else could do a better job, or if only your husband was like “so and so”!!! These are lies from the pit of hell targeted at keeping you from growing in grace and victory!

Before closing let me say that today, I see a beautiful culture of mothers striving to teach their daughters about the service of being a wife in the eyes of God. I see young mommas that are putting off the chains of feminism and striving to learn the steps of this mission field that many of us call, “Motherhood.” My heart is encouraged as I look around me, read the emails, and listen to the conversations.

So, how’s your life as a wife? I pray that it is abounding in His blessings and growing by His amazing grace!!

With much love,

Mrs. Joseph Wood


  1. It is an ongoing thought of mine to watch myself as wife. With 9 daughters, I feel it almost a life or death situation as to where my influence and example can lead. Well, not quite life or death, but speaking spiritually speaking I understand what they could be learning just from living life with me. A constant effort and with seemingly constant change.

  2. This was a beautiful post :)

    Can your next blog entry be about the "10 and counting" you mentioned above? ;)

  3. OH I LOVE this: "While there is an abundance of great resources I could refer you too there is no need for curriculum or books regarding this training of your girls. They will learn the most by what they see you live!"

    AMEN to that! Thank you for your steady consistent encouragement. Today Keith and I celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary! I am SOOO blessed to have such an amazing husband to be a wife to!

    I LOVE being a wife!
    Much Love,

  4. I only have boys and struggle with this. My husband hardly does anything for himself--he works so that I can stay home. I appreciate this. On the flip side of serving him, or jumping up and stopping whatever we're doing to help him, I worry that I'm teaching my boys to be this way themselves. I agree with the man being the spiritual leader and all of this, but I don't have daughters and my sons want to be just like daddy. Am I making any sense? He doesn't give compliments, usually it's negativity over things not being super tidy and orderly--I run his home office and home school too. I feel very overwhelmed and pray the Stormie O prayers everyday. I know it takes time, but how do I model as a mom what it is to be a loving nurturing dad/husband for my boys. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciate. Thanks so much!

  5. What a wonderful post Mrs. Wood! I was a Mom of two boys up until several weeks ago when the Lord blessed us with the safe, healthy birth of our first daughter. I am blessed to be married to my best friend and am so thankful to live in a home that is anchored on the Rock of Christ. What an incredible joy/privilege it is to raise up the next generation to be Godly warriors/princesses for our King.

    (Dear Mrs. Woods... feel free to edit/delete the information below. I do not want to step on anyone's toes... just had a sharing moment.)

    To share with Anonymous, you can be an example to your boys just as much as you can to girls. My older son is 9, my younger is 2 and Elianna is eleven weeks. I strive to manage my home in love - my goal is for my children to love the Lord with all of their heart and to someday arise and call their mother blessed because I set a Godly example for them. Your boys will remember your sacrificial heart as you serve your husband even if your husband does not shower you with compliments. Your boys will remember how you responded to their Daddy when he may have only noticed that which was not done at the end of the day. Your boys will remember the moments you spent teaching them from God's Word and from textbooks and life - they will remember your sacrifices and see the love you lavished upon them. Take heart precious one... you can be an example to sons just as much as you can to daughters.

    I did not grow up with a mom who was submissive and respectful to her husband and I knew, even at a young age, that when I married I would not treat my husband that way. I taught myself how to cook and keep a home. I love my mom dearly and I respect her but as a wife to my father she was not someone I wanted to exemplify. In the same manner your boys will have qualities they will want to mirror in their father and those they will not want to mirror. Do not worry about modeling what it is to be a loving, nurturing dad/husband (that is not your job)... just keep focused on the ministry God has placed before you as a Mom and know that you are not alone beloved. A wonderful book that I have gleaned wisdom from is called "The Invisible Woman" by Nichole Johnson. It is available through amazon.com or perhaps your local library carries it. May God bless you today as you go about your tasks and duties as wife and mother and please know that even though I do not know your name, I am praying for you this week.

  6. Dawna, I love the fact that you stepped up to share your heart!! Thank you! That's exactly what Sisters do for one another! When our hearts are shared in love, no editing is needed!
    I did already post a reply to this comment and it is scheduled to post on Thursday am. Together we can all encourage and spur one another on in well doing!! All for His Glory!
    Mrs. Joseph Wood