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Friday, September 3, 2010

A Moment with M.O.M.- Baby Conference

13467_m I just love anything to do with babies don’t you?!

Joe and I were blessed to be given the Baby Conference CD’s by Vision Forum.  We had hoped to be able to join other believers and attend the conference that took place this last July in San Antonio, Texas however, that was not Lord’s plan for us at this time. What a treat to open our mailbox and discover that a precious Brother and Sister in Christ had chosen to send us the entire conference on CD!

Joe and I spent a week long trip, driving from the Midwest to the West coast, listening to the message presented. With over 38 CD’s in the collection and 2200 minutes of encouragement, eye opening conversation, presentation, and a cry for the Body to stand up and defend life in our culture of death we have found ourselves on our knees in prayer, as a family, asking the Lord what He would have us to do to advance this message of Hope to a dying world!  Joe and I spent as much time talking and praying about each CD we listened too as we did listening to the CD’s.

As a family, we would like to offer this Audio Collection to one of our readers. Vision Forum does not know that I am doing this or making this available; it’s just on our heart to do so. If you would like to be entered in winning all you need to do is:

Make sure that you are a follower of our blog either through Networked Blogs or the Google Friends (both options are available for you on the right hand sidebar of the site.)

Post a link on your blog letting others know that we are making this available. (If you have a blog. If not that is totally okay!)

You’ll need to leave me a comment to this post with your site address so I can verify your entry in the contest.

By doing the three steps above you will have your named entered into the “hat”. A winner will be picked on Monday (Sept.6th 2010) by random and posted to the site on Wednesday (Sept. 8th 2010). I will have one of my little ones draw the name of one winner from the “hat” (which will probably end up being their WWII helmet) .

IF you’d like to have your name put in the “hat” more than once you can:

Add us as a friend on Facebook AND post the contest on your wall for an additional 2 entries! (if you’re already a friend you’re half way there! You just need to share the news on your wall with others! We want to spread the news that LIFE will always triumph death!)

We’ll be posting pictures of the two youngest drawing the winner!! They love being in charge of things like this! No sending cookies to buy their ‘vote’. They can’t read quite yet and I always claim every cookie that comes through the mail! :-) You will need to make sure that you have your mailing address into me by the end of the week: Friday (Sept. 10th 2010) so that I can get these mailed out to you. In the event the “winner” does not reply back with mailing information another will be drawn and notified. So… have some fun with this and spread the news!

In the event that you shouldn’t be the winner of this giveaway, I would strongly encourage each of you to take time to pray and ask your husband if this is a purchase that you should make. I know it will be worth your time. I am confident that the message presented is life changing and I am thankful for all that stepped forward to speak the Truth with great passion, conviction and Hope!

So, let’s see… what will you be winning? At first glance it may look like it’s just a set of CD’s valued at 99.00 however, Joe and I believe firmly that the message contained on these CD’s can change lives and generations to come! May the Lord be glorified as His people embrace life!

With much love,

Mrs. Joseph Wood

Taken from the Vision Forum website:

When tragedy strikes in the delivery room, and the doctor says you must choose which life to save, whose life is more important — the mother’s or the baby’s?

When your aged parents are terminally ill and in constant pain, and they want to go home to be with the Lord, which act is more loving — to take away their food and water and let them die “naturally,” or to continue feeding them and thereby prolong their suffering?

There are 500,000 babies living as frozen, unwanted embryos in clinics across the United States. Eventually their cells will break down and they will die. Should Christian couples adopt these embryos and implant them into the wives’ wombs? Or is that a form of “medical adultery?”

What does the Bible say about birth control? Is use of the Pill lawful or unlawful according to Scripture? How can we end legalized abortion in America? And what are Christians’ responsibilities to defend life in view of the looming healthcare crisis?

These questions offer just a taste of the critical life-and-death issues covered in The Baby Conference Audio Collection, featuring speakers such as Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, Doug and Beall Phillips, Geoff and Victoria Botkin, Flip Benham, Kevin Swanson Jennie Chancey, and many more. Join them as they lay a biblical and ethical foundation for tackling the complex bioethical family issues confronting the Church in the 21st Century. Plus, explore practical ways to build a culture of life through adoption, child-birth, child-training, and more, and celebrate the joy and blessing of life amidst a culture of death—all part of The Baby Conference Audio Collection.

Topics Include:

  • The Long War Against Babies — Doug Phillips
  • The Reward of the Fruitful Womb: Real Families Discuss the Rewards of Raising a Large Family for the Glory of God — Doug & Beall Phillips, Bob & Karen Allen, Geoff & Victoria Botkin, Ken & Devon Carpenter, Matt & Jennie
  • Chancey, Jay & Kathy Valenti
  • Suffer the Children to Come: How to Love Those Children who are Rejected by the Culture of Death — Kevin Swanson and R.C. Sproul, Jr.
  • How to End Abortion in America: A Look at the Spiritual, Practical, and Constitutional Realities — Jim Zes (Moderator), Flip Benham, Dan Becker
  • How the Local Church Builds a Thriving Culture of Life — Scott Brown
  • Surviving the First 50 Years of the Pill — Geoff Botkin
  • Naming Babies — Doug Phillips
  • Symposium on Manhood and Babies — Doug Phillips, Jim Bob Duggar
  • Symposium on Top Legal Issues Facing Parents — Don Hart, Esq. and Jesse Paine, Esq.
  • Fundamental Principles for Reforming Health — Dr. Ed Payne
  • Ladies' Tea with Michelle Duggar — Michelle Duggar
  • What the Bible Says About Birth Control — Doug Phillips
  • Ladies' Symposium: An Interview with Michelle Duggar — Beall Phillips and Michelle Duggar
  • Children As Pets — Geoff Botkin
  • Symposium on Biomedical Ethics for Birth — Doug Phillips (Moderator), Geoff Botkin, Dan Becker, Dr. Ed Payne
  • Ladies' Symposium: Why We Must Be Ladies Against Feminism — Jennie Chancey
  • The Indispensible Role of Grandparents in the Life of Children — Scott Brown and Bill Brown
  • The Demographics of Family Life — Doug Phillips
  • Michelle Duggar: Mother of the Year — Doug & Beall Phillips, Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar, and others
  • Haiti's Message of Hope to the Children of America — Doug Phillips
  • Symposium on the Hope of Adoption: Lessons for the Future of Adoption from the Great 2010 Crisis in Haiti — Doug Phillips (Moderator), John Leininger, David Birdy, Paul Pennington, Scott & Deborah Brown, Adam & Amy McManus, Jay & Kay Valenti, R.C. & Denise Sproul
  • Ladies' Symposium on Managing the Logistics of a Large Family — Beall Phillips (Moderator), Jennie Chancey, Carmon Friedrich, Kim Coghlan, Victoria Botkin
  • Symposium on the Future of Healthcare in America: How Must the Church and Parents Respond to Socialized Medicine, Medical Ethical Chaos and the Widespread Abdication of the Professing Church — Wesley Strackbein (Moderator), James Lansberry, Dr. Ed Payne, Dr. Mo Gill
  • Child Training: A Biblical Template — Kevin Swanson
  • The Hopeful Theology of Miscarriage — Doug Phillips
  • The Myth of Overpopulation and the Coming Demographic Bomb — Kevin Swanson
  • Symposium on Biblical Biomedical Ethics for the Infirm and Aging in the 21st Century: Brain Death, Organ Transplants, Euthanasia, and Care for the Elderly — Doug Phillips (Moderator), Dr. Mo Gill, Dr. Ed Payne, Dan Becker
  • Ladies' Symposium on Preserving and Promoting the Highest Ideals of Christian Motherhood — Beall Phillips (Moderator) Jennie Chancey, Carmon Friedrich, Denise Sproul
  • Closing Session: Testimonials and Summary Remarks — Doug Phillips and others


    1. I posted it on FB, I have you in my reader, I don't have a blog but I am your friend :) Would treasure this opportunity! I am a momma to a big family, adoptive momma, QF momma, and passionate life-lover. Thanks!! Amanda

    2. You got it Amanda!! No problem about the blog.. the point is just that we share the word about this resource so that it might bless many!
      With much love,
      Mrs. Joseph Wood

    3. This sounds like a wonderful resource for any family. Would love to have this resource. Thanks so much. Stephanie

    4. I would love a chance to listen to these teachings. I follow your blog but do not have one of my own.

    5. Don't worry ladies if you don't have a blog to share it with others. I am easy going. I just wanted as many people as possible to hear about these CD's- they are such a blessing to our family and I felt confident they would bless others! You all have a wonderful weekend!!!

    6. I don't have a blog, but love reading yours and am often encouraged by what I read here.

      I would Love to be able to listen to the Baby Conference CD's. What a great resource.

      (I hope this works, I have been having trouble leaving comments for you before!)

    7. I love your blog and am always encouraged when I stop by. (i have tried unsuccessfully before to leave comments -- so I am hoping this works tonight!) Thanks for sharing your time with us, your readers.

      I'd love to have the Baby Conference CD's.

      Aimee McF (if this works it was the only way I could get a comment to post -- I have typed one out several times and keep losing them!)

    8. Hi!

      I've done everything you requested to give myself as many entries as possible. Or at least I "think" so. lol I follow your blog, and I must say you encourage me greatly! I now follow you on fb and have posted entries on both. I just know this series will bless not only myself but my extended family as well. Thank you for blessing someone with it!!

    9. This would be wonderful. I was wishing I could have attended the conference but it simply wasn't possible. This would be great to hear almost first hand. My daughters and I would love it. Thank you so much for doing this!!


    10. I tried to post a comment here yesterday (and I have in the past too), but I guess it didn't work again!

      I hope it works this time. I love reading your blogs and am always encouraged when I do. When I saw the Baby Conference advertised I wanted to go, but knew it was impossible for us at this time. Winning the CDs would be great!

      Thanks for all your blogging!

      Aimee McF

    11. Aimmee, it worked this time. Sorry for whatever the problem has been. I haven't seen any emails come through. Make sure you email me with your email address since you used the anonymous feature. In case you win, I'll need to email me.. :-) Have a wonderful JOY filled weekend!
      Mrs. Joseph Wood

    12. Hi! I just discovered you blog and it is awesome timing since I recently went to Vision Forum's website and saw this CD set thinking, "what an awesome resource to have. I friended you on facebook, posted your giveaway on my wall, posted the giveaway on my blog...(here is the link)http://frugalzealot.blogspot.com/2010/09/baby-conference-give-away.html and I am also now following you! Yay! I look forward to gleaning wisdom from you as my husband and I continue to allow God to be the author of our family. Many blessings to you and yours.