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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Moment with M.O.M.- I have a question for YOU

Hello Friends!
I often have people say, "I have a question for you." I most often will reply, "The answer is chocolate! It's always chocolate!" Today, I have a question for YOU and while chocolate may be complementary to my answer. I really do want to hear your thoughts.

Bekah, my oldest daughter, is pondering the idea of a blog for kitchen tips. She would love to answer questions about cooking tips, shopping tips, menu planning and anything else you might want to ask about! She will be answering questions with pictures and step by step directions on how to complete the task. Perhaps you are wanting to learn how to cook simply, quickly and nutritiously!

If this would be of interest to you... would you post a comment to let me know? She doesn't want to do this if there isn't any interest but would love to share if there is!
Have a wonderful week Friends!
Mrs. Joseph Wood


  1. I am almost 74 years of age and I would certainly be interested in this.

    Sue Huston

  2. You know I'm in and would be a follower :-)!!! I just decided this week that I will no longer be doing Tasty Tuesdays on my blog any longer. It's not my forte and I have some other things I'd like to focus on.

    I HIGHLY recommend she get involved in the link ups that I list at the bottom of my Tasty Tuesdays - they have brought signifigant traffic to my site.

    Can't wait to learn some kitchen tips Bekah - I could usem!

    And here are two of my favorite bloggers on these topics - for recipes and a fun link up:


    For money saving advice:


  3. I would be interested.

  4. I thought I replied to this, but I guess not! YES YES YES! I desperately need new, healthy, inexpensive meal ideas!

  5. Yes indeed.I would be interested in how to,s.
    Especially if it involves sharing recipes.Aunt Gina

  6. Did this blog ever happen? I can say that meal planning, trying to do balanced meals, grocery shopping, the money spent... It all gets me a little frazzled! I feel like I am constantly playing catch up in this area. It is a difficult one because I RARELY cooked before getting married and now all of a sudden I am responsible for multiple meals a day for myself and my husband! I wish I had a constant tutor.