Titus 2:3 The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things; that they may teach the younger women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, to be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the Word of God be not blasphemed.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Real Moments with M.O.M.- Thanksgiving Preparations at my home

This morning I listen to the wind whistle as I sit by my window, sipping a cup of organic coffee, writing my rambling thoughts down.  Truly our boundary lines have fallen in pleasant places. The trees are almost bare, their leaves cover the wooded playground behind the house. The air is crisp, the sky overcast, and the swing set sits still waiting for cheerful children to come visit with their next adventure. All of this creates such a cozy, snuggly feeling in the home. I find myself sleeping in later than normal holding children that aren’t quite ready for morning to arrive. I have grown wise enough over the years to just sit and take in these moments.. they are the moments that I pray I never forget.  I had quiet time to pray this morning, thanking God for keeping my Joe, Beth-Joy and Jed safe as they travel to CA to celebrate Thanksgiving with my parents. The Lord made it clear that we were not to go as an entire family, as originally planned. However, in His great mercy, He did make way for Joe and a few of the children to go. Momma will be having surgery on Dec. 3 so we felt it was vital that Beth Joy stay and help as Grandma and Grandpa needed. Joe has his Azure delivery to make and some backhauls out of CA so that all worked out well too. Jed has gotten his CDL and will now be working along side us in the family business. God has been busy in our home and family, this I am confident of!

As we get ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow, the children have reminded me that this will be our first year without Daddy home. I was trying to avoid that subject and hoped they wouldn’t notice… I guess that wasn’t very successful! :-) We long for the day that my parents will be here in KS with us. When joining them for Thanksgiving will only be a walk across the property! I don’t regret or feel sad about Joe not being here… we are both confident they are to be in CA. Typically, we have our Thanksgiving meal made with recipes from friends from all over the country that we love. This year however, we’ll be having the same Thanksgiving meal that momma is making there in CA. As I went over my list yesterday (Yes..I’m a procrastinator at times!) I realized that everything we needed was grown, raised, or gathered here on the farm. What a loooonnnnggg way we’ve come since our first attempts at gardening almost 20 years ago!!

Here’s our family menu:

Turkey (Timothy raised these this year and did a WONDERFUL job!)

Potatoes (Elisha harvested our Thanksgiving potatoes out of the garden bed just this morning. I’ve posted pictures below. Of course we gathered buckets and buckets of potatoes earlier this year.)

Yams (Elisha harvested our Thanksgiving Yams this morning too)

Corn (Harvested by children last September. We have fun memories of harvesting with friends! They were put away by Beth Joy and myself)

Green Beans (Harvested by Sarah- Grace, Samuel and Matthew earlier this summer )

The children don’t like stuffing so we won’t have any of that this year and we will be making a “pull apart bread” recipe that Grandma Connie makes that could never be grown on the farm. LOL!

Pumpkin pie (Josiah grew the pumpkins and Ezekiel did the preparation to preserve them. He’s also the one making our pumpkin pie this year)

Apple pie, (picked from our tree, prepared by Beth-Joy and will be made by Josiah)

As I ponder our menu I clearly see His Provision, His faithfulness, His kindness, the beauty of family, the joy’s of friendships, healthy bodies, and the blessings of work! I can only be Thankful!

I pray that each of you, where ever you, take time to ponder all that you have to be thankful for. I pray that your hearts are forever fixed on His wonderful works and everything else takes it’s rightful place.

With much love,

Mrs. Joseph Wood


Elisha digging for potatoes and yams this cold autumn morning




These Yukon Gold potatoes will make perfect mashed potatoes for my family!


While Yams aren’t my children (or my favorite) they are my Joe’s and momma makes him a wonderful candy yam recipe so we’ll do it here at home too in honor of Grandma and my dear Joe. We’ve all agreed we’ll take at least a bite. :-)


  1. Jeanette, Your post warms my heart. You are such a wonderful example of a truly Godly woman. You are one of my Titus 2 women, although I am not sure that you are much older than me, if at all. But you are spiritually wiser than I. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! So glad that Joe and the kids are back on the road.
    Blessings in Christ,

  2. Oh, thank you Cherie!! You are a blessing to me. I am thankful that the Lord has allowed our freindship to grow over the years and despite the miles we can pray for one another, encourage each other and glorify HIS Name through all our actions!! May He allow you to feel the love our entire family holds for you and your girls...
    With much love,
    Mrs. Joseph Wood

  3. Wow! My family would be starving tomorrow if I had to had grown or raised all of our Thanksgiving food! And that's why I adore you! You are simply amazing Jeanette!!

    HAve a FANTASTIC Turkey day!
    Love you,