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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Real Moments with M.O.M.- “I think I could get use to this”

DPP_0003 (3) Hello Friends!

I am excited to write today and share the good news of what the Lord has done! As most of you know Ezekiel has been restricted to a wheelchair after an emergency surgery was needed back in May of 2010. The doctors had originally told us that Ezekiel would only be in a wheelchair for 2-4 weeks yet, it has been over 12 weeks. After a month or so into the recovery the doctors realized that Ezekiel wasn’t healing as they had hoped. In fact, the bones that needed to fuse showed no signs or progress in doing so. It wasn’t until last month that one hip began to fuse (the worst hip showed no signs of fusion). While we were joyful at this news the doctor wanted to ensure that healing continued and gave orders for Ezekiel to remain in the wheelchair a bit longer. For a boy who sees his summer slipping by, who longs to be running and playing that was hard news to hear.  We were told by the doctor that there was no guarantee that this surgery was going to work. I can remember the drive home vividly after that visit! Ezekiel was asking many questions about “why” and “how” and wondering if the Lord might allow him to run and play again. It’s been a growing time in trust these last few months for our entire family. The body of Christ has faithfully been praying for us and encouraging us. We have been richly blessed by all the love shown! 

Well, that was the report until yesterday…

Yesterday, we heard the news we had been so desperately longing to hear, “Ezekiel will walk again!” The tests showed that the right hip has fused completely and the left hip is half way complete. While Ezekiel must remain in physical therapy for three months and continue to use a walker he no longer needs his wheelchair!

My heart leaped for joy when I heard the news. I gave praise to the Lord right there in the doctor office, and the doctor did too! With tears streaming down my face, and Ezekiel holding back tears himself, we celebrated what God had done and continues to do! When Ezekiel got up out of his wheelchair for the last time I asked him, “How’s it feel?” With such a joyful tone in his voice he replied, “I think I could really get use to this!” We laughed, called the family at home, the grandparents and let others know that had been praying daily for Ezekiel! It was a day of celebration!

Thank you to everyone that prayed for my boy, for all the encouragement through the trial and for the love that you faithfully share with our family! We are blessed! 

With much love,

Mrs. Joseph Wood


  1. **Tears of joy with you!!! My heart celebrates this blessing and am so relieved for sweet Ezekial that he will indeed be able to walk again!!! Praise the Lord!!!
    Much Love,