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Monday, August 16, 2010

M.O.M.’s Mailbox- Pink eye and coconut oil?

joy grazing Question: Good morning! I saw where you were talking about using coconut oil in your daily life and the advantages of it.  One of your statements jumped out to me “we have even used it in pinkeye for our cows”.  We have pinkeye in our herd right now we have been giving shots of LA 300 and using a puffer on them would love to know about using coconut oil on them.   Thanks and I really enjoy your blog.

Answer: Thank you for your kind words and your question. This last May we brought home two milk Jersey's that had pink eye and infected our entire herd (we only have six but it seemed like an overwhelming disaster). I didn't want to give any antibiotics for several reasons, one reason being that my vet told me the shot he wanted to give them would require me to throw the milk away for six weeks!! I read from Joel Salatin that he used Kelp to get rid of pink eye (he shares about it in his book, Everything I want to do is Illegal). I began giving them tubs, and I do mean tubs, of Kelp! I think we went through 100lbs total. I could have managed it with the 2Tbs of kelp added to the feed as he shared however, I was worried that they would need more and just figured they would stop eating Kelp when they didn't need it any more (that I was right about, while they went through 100lbs at first they haven't gone through 50lbs since). Okay, so that's what we did on the Kelp side then we took Coconut oil, morning and evening, and applied it to both eyes. We used about a TBS each eye and wore gloves. We paid careful attention to use one hand for each eye so we never contaminated the next eye. We also used a fresh pair of gloves per cow. It took two weeks of this treatment for it to work.

We have also used Neosporin rubbed on the eyes and found great success with it. I don't rub it in the eye but around the eye, the eyelid, and the eye lashes.

I hope that information helps. Keep in touch as you can!

Because of His Love,

Mrs. Joseph Wood

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