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Monday, April 12, 2010

Real Moments- A Spring Day in my home

Lambs 2010 (15)Hello Friends!
Spring is officially here in KS! Yipppeeee! Can you hear me cheering? Oh, it feels so good to have the wind blowing, the sun shinning and the grass growing. I have been busy in the garden and will begin teaching some classes on Simple Living. I am blessed to share with others and look forward to the relationships that God is going to develop in the process. I thought today I would share some photos of the lambs that have been born on the farm recently. If you live near us and would like to start your own herd of hair sheep (meaning they are very easy to keep.. no sheering!) let me know, I have two ewes, maybe three that I won't be keeping. I would love to have them go to a family that is just getting started with sheep. These sweet ewes are very social with humans and if you need a ram we can find one for you here on the farm. We handle all our animals daily, taking them from pasture to barn each morning and evening. The food they provide for the family is tremendous! I just made a stuffed leg of lamb yesterday that was perfectly delicious! I would have taken photos but my strings didn't hold so it wasn't the prettiest thing to look at. That didn't affect the results with flavor; every bite was eaten up quicker than it took me to prepare it. That happens often in my home.
Joe and the boys worked on building a fort in the woods today. They are all excited to see it coming together. Beth-Joy is playing her violin, Sarah-Grace is making slushies, Bekah and Jed are chatting with younger children (I love how the older children interact with the younger), Elisha and Josiah are going to bid on a fence job they want to do on their time off from school, I made butter and cheese today as well as started some more raised garden beds. It's just a typical day in my house!
Well, I had best get to sharing the photos and say good-bye for now. The children are joyfully playing and I don't want to miss one moment of their laughter... it is music to my ears!
With much love,
Mrs. Joseph Wood

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  1. Wow! Spring brings lots of hard work there on the farm - but I love how you find joy in your work!!! It's always a blessing to read about your life there!

    Enjoy and much Love,

  2. The pictures are adorable! Thanks so much for sharing! It makes the distance between KS and CA a little more tolerable!

  3. Courtney, you're right. I had to relearn that work was not a chore and rather a blessing. My husband taught me that we were created to work and that each time God blessed His people in the Scriptures work went with it. Cheryl, I love sharing photos with you. Do you notice the vivid color of the sky and grass? KS has such bright colors in nature unlike any that I saw in CA.. perhaps they are hidden in the smog? :-)