Titus 2:3 The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things; that they may teach the younger women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, to be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the Word of God be not blasphemed.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Real Moments- Life as "me"

Good Morning Friends!
This last weekend a sweet and precious young momma asked me, "What are you doing right now? I have this picture of you in my head never having to work, sitting back in your chair eating bon bon's with a perfectly clean house and clean, orderly children." I giggled and then answered her. At that moment. My children were all out playing and I was enjoying a cup of coffee as I worked on writing projects. However, those moments are not my 'typical' day. I know how easy it is to think the grass is greener somewhere else. I remember hearing someone tell me years ago,"It may be greener but it still has to be mowed." So.. let me give you a glimpse as to what life looks like as "me".

I awoke 'late' today to my Joe saying, "Sunshine, it's going to be a beautiful yee haw day!" I love to hear his voice in the morning. It always makes my heart smile! Stumbling out of bed with a stiff back, foggy mind and lacking the perfect cup of coffee, I made my way into the shower to get ready for the day. (I think my body is still trying to recover from the night before last when we were up till 3:30 am helping one of our goats deliver.) While I tried to take a shower in preparation for my day, I heard a knock on the bathroom door and a sweet little voice of the youngest Wood family member telling me that one of his sisters washed his coat again. With bubbles in my hair I tried to explain they weren't doing it to torture him but were truly trying to bless him with a clean coat. He seemed satisfied with my answer and soon I heard his feet patter away. A few moments later, Josiah knocked on the door to ask if I would be joining him in the barn for milking. "Of course! I love milking with you!" He too was satisfied with my answer and left to get the milk room ready. Only a moment after that, I heard the coffee grinder from the kitchen as Ezekiel prepared 40 cups of coffee for the family. Knowing I needed to put a bounce in my step if I was going to keep up with my busy household I quickly got dressed, wrapped my hair in a towel and then headed out to the barn.

When I got  out there I noticed that Josiah was quiet ready for me yet so I hurried back inside to finish getting ready for the day. That's where I met my Joe ready to give me a kiss.. "Wait. I still need to brush my teeth. I'll be right back." Joe questioned, "What?! you still haven't brushed your teeth?!" "okay," I thought,. "I need to put two bounces in my steps!" Picking up my pace I was finally ready for the day. Bed made, teeth brushed, shower done, bathroom clean! Now, back out to the barn to see if Josiah is ready for me... as I go through the kitchen I notice dishes needing to be put away.. "Sarah, don't forget.. put your dishes away!" Then through the Laundry room I head outside and notice mud and hay on the floor... I yell upstairs to my Bekah-Girl. "Bekah, can you clean the laundry room for me?" and then I continue outside. There I find animals baaing, quacking, chirping and mooing for attention.

I richly enjoyed milking with Josiah and the kitty that sat in my lap. Matthew gathered eggs and was quite impressed with the size of one of the eggs. Exclaiming, "Look everyone! I found the largest egg in the world!" Once milking was done Matthew and I headed into the house. Breakfast had been made the night before, homemade granola, we all quickly sat down to eat. Elisha gave me the milk weights. Beth was feeding baby goats that are in a kennel in the kitchen.

The house is tidy again, we could welcome someone into our home if they dropped by. We are always delighted when the Lord leads others to stop in and visit. I can hear the dishwasher washing, the washing machine going, and Joe calling from his chair... "Come on everyone. Let's do Bible Study." Jed will be back from the hardware store in a moment with the lumber needed for the barn addition the boys are all working on. I am obviously sitting on here sharing... life as "me". So with my cup of coffee in one hand and a room full of blessings waiting for me to join them... I guess I had best say good bye. It is 9:30 this morning, a good 2 hours behind normal. I can't wait to see what life looks like today once we live it! I know it will be blessed!!!

Have a wonderful day friends!
With much love,
Mrs. Joseph Wood


  1. Girl - I have never imagined you sitting back eating bon bons! What draws me to you is your work ethic and your joy in the midst of the heavy work load! So many women fuss about how "hard" it is and you just brighten my day on facebook when I see the proper perspective you have for God, your family and work!!

    Thanks for a window into your day!
    God bless you, your family, your farm and your new baby goats :-)!

  2. Courtney, you are cute! :-) I think it is a lie the enemy tries to tell people..." their live is easy." "they have a victorious life because they don't have this problem or issue in their home or marriage." It's all lies. Each one of us have trials, each one of us have our cross to carry... the only difference is how we react to those trias and our attitude as we pick up our cross daily.
    Have a beautiful day dear Sister!
    Mrs. Joseph Wood