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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Moment in M.O.M's Garden- Sprouting Containers

Good Morning Friends!!

Well, the snow has finally melted and we can see blades of green grass trying to push winter away. The children and I decided we had better get our seeds started for our garden this last week. Since my local garden center didn’t have the cell trays I was looking for, I decided to get my garden books off the shelf and start looking for an alternative. We decided to make ‘cups’ out of newspaper. I liked the idea that I could just plant my ‘cup’ into the garden once the last frost was gone. This project wasn’t just easy, economical, and ‘green’ but it was also a great deal of fun! All the children got involved over the two day project; there was great conversation and giggles. I was thinking that this would be a great activity for others as long as you remembered to just keep it fun and don’t get stressed with the amount of time it takes to get done. At one point I was reminding myself that I don’t really grow gardens… "I grow children and in the process a few plants sprout up too."

Let me share how we made our starter cups:

First we got some old newspaper and cut it in strips five inches wide.

Using a filled soda can as our template we began to wrap the can in our newspaper

After one time around the can with our strip of newspaper, we then took another strip of newspaper and put it on the bottom of the can and pulled the sides up. Then we continued wrapping the other newspaper around the strip was done. This held the bottom strip in place. (I have attached photos in case it is difficult to picture)

Then with three small pieces of masking tape we secured it making sure that our cup was going to stay together.

After we made 100 of these ‘cups’ we filled them ¾ of the way with organic potting soil.

Then we placed our seeds, as instructed on the packets, into our soil and newly made cups.

We marked each cup with a black marker to identify the plant.

When they are ready and the last frost is over, I will put these into the garden just as they are. I will be careful to make sure that the entire newspaper cup is covered in the soil so that it doesn’t act like a wick and steal water from my precious plants.

Do you enjoy being in the garden? I would love to hear how your efforts are going and any new ideas you have for giving your garden a head start. I love to be in the garden, I love to get my hands dirty, I love to see the fruit of my hands, I love the work! I have many dear memories with my children in the garden. Lessons of life, found in the garden, I wonder what God will teach us this year!

Note: If you are still looking for a good seed source let me share our favorite place to shop. We purchased our seeds from The Bulk Herb Store. They are my favorite online source for herbs and seeds!


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  2. Delighted to meet you too Sara! I look forward to getting to know you more!

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