Titus 2:3 The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things; that they may teach the younger women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, to be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the Word of God be not blasphemed.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Real Moments with M.O.M.- Our “Staycation”

Good Morning Friends!

As you know the Wood family took a vacation last week and didn’t go anywhere but home. I didn’t’ answer the phone and only checked prayer requests that were sent online. I had one local friend write me and ask how our “staycation” was going. I had never heard that phrase yet it summed up our experience perfectly.

As a family we love being at home. There is so much we each enjoy doing here on the farm. This time away from the typical work of the week allowed us to enjoy new work and new projects that we had on our list for this year. We also had some very special guests join us. There were so many highlights to this week however, my most favorite was a new budding relationship with a young momma in our community. As I shared in my last note, I was reminded that I need to be asking those that cross my path if they are ready for the Lord’s return. Now, I agree that we must do this with discretion and boldness led by the Holy Spirit and not out of our own strength. We must remember that no one will be saved by persuasion or a good debate. However, we are each saved by HIS saving power; it is the Holy Spirit that convinces us of Truth. At the same time we are commanded to be ready to give an answer for the Hope that lies within us! With that said, I had the wonderful opportunity to share His love with a woman at Sam's Club. As I was checking out we began talking about our Resurrection Sunday plans she shared a little bit and then I simply asked, “Are you ready for the Lord’s return?” Quickly she said yes and then just as quick she corrected herself and said… “honestly, no! No, I’m not. My life is a mess.” There were no people behind me in line… I found that a miracle alone. In a few moments I shared with her HIS love for her and then asked, “May I hug you?” She agreed and as I hugged her I told her… “You are precious in the sight of God. He loves you!” Tears ran down her cheek, she hugged me back tightly. I left telling her that I would be praying for her and wished her a wonderful week. Later that week I had to make another stop for a real quick item. As I checked out I looked around… was she here? I told the Lord I would love to see her again just to let her know I had been praying. As I walked out, sure enough! I found her working. I waited patiently as she finished up with a customer…. she didn’t see me at first…. when she did make eye contact with me instantly she smiled and tears filled her eyes again. “I was just wanting to stop real quick and give you a hug.” I told her. She stopped what she was doing, hugged me tight and said in my ear, “I haven’t stopped thinking about what you said since I saw you last.”  I smiled (now with tears in my eyes) and replied, “I haven’t stopped praying for you and I’ll continue!” We parted paths. It was a quick exchange of Love right there at the end of check out stand number 3. I pray that eternity was impacted and that one day I will celebrate HIS Faithfulness with her at his Throne.

There were other wonderful moments of our ‘staycation’. Such as a week long visit with a friend of my husbands, a new rock fireplace built by the two men and my boys, ALL brand new appliances bought debt free and installed in my kitchen (a gift to me from my husband and parents),  my parents surprised us with a last minute weekend visit, orchard trees were plotted out, storage shelves were made just not installed yet, I watched the sun rise with my Joe, had lunch with him on the front porch, worked with him on the farm mowing pastures, picked up a new Jersey bull, made dandelion jelly, built fences for new pastures, and made my Joe some of his favorite meals. We enjoyed story time together as a family, bon fires, sharing dreams and so many other simple moments that were precious. I have put a few pictures below.

Until our next chat may the Lord continue to increase and each of us decrease… all for HIS Glory!

With much love,

Mrs. Joseph Wood


BEFORE picture of the fireplace


Brothers in Christ working along side each other…. I love the friendships my husband has with other men. They are precious!


The so far finished fireplace. We still need to put the stove in but must wait a week. Josiah will also be finishing the grout work this week.


I knew our boundary lines have fallen in pleasant places… I should have known this was the end of the rainbow. Smile


My new stove/oven and microwave


My new dishwasher


My new refrigerator.…. I even got a new garbage disposal!


Beth Joy and I working in the garden.


Where my Joe and I enjoyed our lunch “date”.


Dandelion Jelly cooling…  I wish I had a picture of the little boys going around with their red wagon picking the dandelions. It was so cute! They counted each one and would come ever so often and yell out, “I have 362 is that enough?” “Now we have 435 will that do?” As soon as we emptied their wagon they asked if they could go do it again!


Animals enjoying the pasture we’ve seeded for them.



  1. Your staycation sounds wonderful. Praise God for his bountiful gifts to you. Enjoy your new stuff. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

  2. Great photos and I love your new appliances! Awesome!!! SO glad you had a great Staycation!!! That was a GREAT idea!!!
    Hope you had a great easter! He is risen!!!

  3. Thank you for sharing your life with us! How wonderful that you were able to speak with the woman at Sam's. I pray you see fruit from your labor and love for Christ and for other souls!!

  4. God is really working through you! That was a wonderful story, thank you for sharing it! We had a Staycation the week after Christmas. We were a very busy, hustle and bustle kinda family - always on the Go. The Lord opened our eyes that week. It was a real miracle.We have since slowed down a LOT and have been a much happier family for it. Thanks again for sharing!