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Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Moment with M.O.M.- Saturday Ramblings and our Fun Friday Freebie Winner Announced!

IMG_0059[1]It’s a beautiful morning here in KS friends!! My Joe arrived home last night and will be with us till the 28th or so of Dec. What a treat it is to have daddy home. The children run and cheer as his big semi pulls down the drive way honking his horn, my heart starts to flutter in anticipation to hear him say my name and feel his hands embrace me, the meal of his choice is simmering (90% of the time he requests spaghetti), and he breaths a sigh of relief to finally be home where he’s free from the strife of life. Oh, it’s a very happy time indeed!!

The children had been waiting all day for daddy to get home so we could do our yearly tradition of Gingerbread house making. Now, before you get to excited thinking we must do something elaborate and magazine worthy let me reassure that is NOT the case! This isn’t a time of stress trying to create an image that isn’t real. This is simply a time of creative and delicious play for the children. Some years our house barely stands, other years it stands but tastes more like cement than any type of Christmas goodie. This year we teased that we were going for the “minimalist” look since the children were eating the goodies faster than they were putting them on the house. It’s a fun time full of memories and that’s what the true purpose is! The children talk about the year that Grandpa, a civil engineer, even joined the activity and tried to help a very pitiful looking gingerbread house, and the year that it couldn’t stand so we snapped a picture real quick and then ate it before we were even done making it! It’s messy and loud but it’s perfect in my mind. I wouldn’t want it any other way! I want to encourage you to embrace all those messy, loud, and less than magazine worthy moments with your family. I have found that most often those are the moments that are memory worthy and that makes them worth something for eternity! Dear friends, enjoy the memories and don’t put your expectations on it being “perfect”.

With all that said, today we pulled the winner from the Christmas hat in front of the recently constructed gingerbread house! Sarah would like to announce the winner to you all this morning!




And the winner is:



Make sure to email me with your mailing address by Monday Dec. 13th. Cyndi with Patches of Thyme has told me that it will be mailed immediately and should, Lord willing, arrive before Christmas! ENJOY!!!


  1. Hello! Yay! I won! Thanks so much! I have e-mailed you my address.
    So glad that your husband has a chance to be home with the family for a few weeks. Enjoy this time together!
    Lisa :o)

  2. Hi Jeanette! That is a beautiful gingerbread house & looks similar to the ones we do. We haven't done ours yet, but will soon. My stepfather used to work as a tractor trailer driver, so the scene you described sounded familiar. :) Holly

  3. Jeanette, I love your gingerbread house...I also love your philosophy. We spend a lot of time getting messy and laughing and giggling and just enjoying our time together. There is nothing perfect about our house or our Christmas...but they are both filled with lots of memories, some old and some new. I gave up on creating a "perfect" Christmas a while back...its impossible and only created a lot of stress for me and the family watching me be all stressed out...having a relaxed Mama who has Daddy who shares the joy of creating simple but wonderful family memories has been an amazing gift to me this year. We are focusing our decorations and activities to enjoy family and focus on the "perfect gift" that our Lord blesses us with...that of our SAVIOR.

    Thank you so much for sharing your excitement of hubby/daddy's return with us. I love sharing your family's joy. You are all such a blessing!
    And an inspiration to stick with the enjoyable instead of the stress of outside expectations for our family and the holidays. So good to be reminded that we are not alone. :D


    Mary Joy

  4. I am new to your blog but am so thankful that I have found your blog. My husband also drives OTR - it has been VERY hard for me over the years and I would love to have fellowship with another woman who knows what it is like. There are many things I would like to share and ask about but would rather do so privately. I couldn't find an e-mail address so I will share mine and if you would like get in touch with me you can do so. www.everydaysacred@hotmail.com