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Monday, November 22, 2010

Real Moments with M.O.M.- Processing the Thanksgiving Turkey and other farm moments.

Hello Friends!

Before I get started I want to share with you this free Thanksgiving resource for your family. Please visit: Money Saving Mom’s free download link at:


For those of you that follow us on Facebook you already know that last week was a tough week for the Wood family. One of our family milk cows fell down and sustained injuries that caused her death. The vet believes when she fell she hit something that went through her right eye and caused brain damage. It was a tough day and a half as we all prayerfully and carefully cared for her. On Friday afternoon the vet informed us that she wasn’t sure the cow would make it and asked if we were interested in putting her down to get the meat from her. After a family meeting we decided we couldn’t make such a call at that time (she would occasionally show signs that appeared as if she was trying to recover) We decided we would give her till Saturday morning and see how she appeared then. My Joe, children and myself all prayed over her and continually asked God for wisdom. Administering minerals, fluids and anti inflammatory medication kept us busy for the 36 hours after her injury. I went to bed praying that God would be merciful to us and the cow. I didn’t want her to suffer and I didn’t want to make the call to end her life and always wonder if it was the right “call”. Even though tears were shed at her death we were thankful to the Lord that He chose to make the “call” for us. We will miss her but we will move on. We don’t let things like this keep us from living in the moment that God has for us and yet we don’t dismiss it as irrelevant either. Here in the Wood household we take every creature we care for from our bees, to the cows, to the chickens and the kittens seriously! We know that God is their creator and He has asked us to be their caretaker. We feel a great responsibility to know them, spend time with them and learn all we can so that we are diligent in our work. The Scriptures tell us that it is the wicked that are cruel to their animals but the righteous ‘regard’ the life of their animals. In fact according to the Noah Webster's 1828 dictionary that word, ‘regard’ means to: “To esteem; to hold in respect and affection.” (Pro 12:10  Whoever is righteous has regard for the life of his beast, but the mercy of the wicked is cruel.) That the righteous consider every little bit they have as precious (Proverbs 12:27). He also tells us to care for animals even when they aren’t our own. (Duet. 22: 1-4). I guess that is why we feel the loss, the frustration and doing the double check on ourselves to make sure that we did all we could to glorify God in our care for His creatures as we took dominion over them!

On another note, we processed the Turkey’s that Timothy raised for our holiday meals. Timothy has tenderly cared for these birds. Our friends even mentioned how docile they were,  how they allowed us to hold them when we wanted and just stood around us as we were busy doing this or that. The activity was peaceful as two families came together to share in the work. Our hearts are ever grateful for the food that God provided as well as for our friendships! This precious family came out to help us after a long day of farm projects of their own. They allowed us to borrow their homemade scalder and feather plucker-  I have since told my Joe I want one of these for Christmas! After the work was done we all enjoyed a meal together (a batch of my home made chili). The boys played and wrestled while the girls giggled and played the piano and games. The grown up discussion at the kitchen table was a treat and something my Joe mentioned enjoying several times since. We are thankful for all the sweet families that God has brought into our lives.. for there are many! I have posted some pictures of the Turkey’s being processed. Note, little boys playing on hay stacks, girls bring water and the daddy’s discussion. Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving to each of you!

With much love,

Mrs. Joseph Wood


Elisha holding the turkey as the boys wait for their work.


Joe talking with the other daddy about farm “stuff”


All the girls bringing the water


Mommas trying to let boys be boys but within safe boundaries ! :-) He just wanted to be like the “big” boys!


The plucker that was such a blessing to use!! I would be tickled pink to get one of these for Christmas!


A picture of the inside of the plucker


Timothy examining his hard “work”. God is so kind to give us such blessings!

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