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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Moment in M.O.M.'s Kitchen- Sprouts

In our home, sprouts are a favorite! My most favorite sandwich of all time is home grown sprouts, sliced garlic, fresh picked tomato's on fresh ground whole wheat bread just out of the oven! Oh my! It makes my mouth water just thinking about it!

I often post on our family Facebook status that I am enjoying such a treat and quickly get an inbox of messages asking for directions! I thought I would share the process here on the blog so you can always go back to it for future reference. Enjoy!

Sprouts are truly easy to make and use in your home. A few tips will ensure you are providing a healthy and safe food source for your family! First, I blend similar seeds together. I want to make sure that sprouting times are similar. I also avoid using Alfalfa sprouts after reading in Nourishing Traditions that Alfalfa at the sprouting stage is not beneficial and actually a cause of inflammations. I have my sprouts premixed into a container that I can take from as needed. This helps save time in the Kitchen in having to make the sprout recipe each time.

Secondly, I use a large 2 quart jar with a wide mouth lid. However, instead of using the metal lid that it comes with I use the sprouting screens that I purchase from Azure Standard. I am sure you could make your own too. I have just found these to be economical and reasonable for our family.

Next, I put ½ cup if sprouts into the jar and then seal the lid. I run water into the jar, through the screened top, and shake and drain well. Not putting to many sprouts into the jar is critical for the space and air requirements needed for growth. Draining all extra water out of the jar is also critical so as not to develop bacteria.

Set in a window sill and wait for the magic to happen! You can see by my photos that there is snow outside yet I am indulging in fresh grown sprouts. Sprouts can make the winter blues disappear!


  1. Thanks for sharing the tutorial we seem to be on the same page lately...I have been wanting to get the book nourishing traditions....and it seems like many people have been posting about enjoying sprouts I will have to look up where you get them from I would love to try this and have been wanting to do some sprouts. I know we would enjoy them very much. Thanks again for the suggestion of The Tongue Our Measure the book came in and it is such a powerful small book we are really enjoying the study....Blessings Love Heather

  2. Hello Mrs. Wood! I found your blog on Facebook, and I think it's great that you're such an avid blogger! Sharing your talents with everyone is wonderful, the Lord's certainly blessed you!

    Sarah J. May