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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Real Moments- Kinder Goats

We love our Kinder Goats! We have four does that are bred and expected to kid the first of March through the middle of the month. I have another set of does that are being bred now for a late Summer delivery of Kids. I normally have so much interest in the kids that they don't stay on the farm very long, unless of course I am keeping them. I thought it would be fun to let you meet the Kinders that live on our farm! Some think that because I have two milk cows I would somehow find my goats less valuable. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, I would never want to have a farm with out a Kinder in my barn! These productive and efficient milkers have the sweetest temperaments that even my toddlers have milked them with ease! If you would like to know more about Kinders I would encourage you to visit the official Kinder Blog at: www.kindercommunique.blogspot.com If you are interested in learning more let me know; I love to share with others!

Maybe next week, I will introduce you to our sheep! :-)

Reeses has proven to be a wonderful milker. She is one of Elisha's favorite goats

Taffy, one of our Kinder does that will be kidding soon! She has won differnt fair ribbons for being such a wonderful milker.

Della, another one of our Kinder momma's that will be delivering this Spring

Kit Kat will soon be delivering her Kids. Sarah-Grace loves all her goats but Kit Kat now holds first place in her heart as far as goats go! Last year she gave us a kid that we kept, Liberty.

Mercy was so timid when she came to us last year from a friends farm. This photo was taken when she was about three months old. She is quite bigger now and will be bred for our Summer kidding.

Liberty at a few months of age. She too is in the process of being bed for the Summer kidding

Gracie is also in the Summer Kidding batch of Kinders. This was a photo taken as all the goats enjoyed their daily walk in the woods.

And of course you have to meet the boys....

Licorice when he was just a baby! He's not so cute now... kinda stinky too but we sure love having him to breed the does for us!

Forgiveness is what we call this buck... or Fergie. Bekah wanted to name him. All the children have fun naming the animals on the farm!

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  1. Wonderful!! we have wanted to get some goats but we have had such a hard time with our yard and coyotes right now I think we would have to put up quite a bit of fencing to keep them out and keep the goats safe~ Maybe down the road when we get more settled we will be able to figure it out~ Beautiful Goats enjoy all that milk ~Blessings Love Heather